Saturday, July 17, 2010

ISIS Guidelines



There are 4 steps need to go along once user account is activated.

Step 1 – Safety inspection team

  • Form a safety inspection team (unnecessary if organizational safety inspection procedure is established)
  • Determine the frequency of safety inspection activity.

Step 2 - Inspection

  • Perform an inspection evaluating hazardous place at working area.

  • Use Inspector Notes (free for Exclusive Member) as a tools to record any findings and make a judgement.

  • Records non-compliance findings (take photo is good practice)

Step 3 – Update result via http// (Complete guideline will be sent to you through email once membership is approved)

  • Login username and password

  • Select button 'Start Inspection'

  • Select or add the month of inspection

  • Set target for monthly inspection

  • Add input in the e-checksheet and record evaluation & findings

  • Save input via click 'submit evaluation' button

Step 4 – Retrieve monitoring and measurement analysis

  • Retrieve printed version for record;
  1. Inspection check sheet (For S&H Committee record)

  2. Inspection Summary (For SHO record)

  3. Monitoring & measurement analysis (For record of Safety manager, SHO, ISO Committee etc)


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