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There are 2 type of membership for registration;

1. Trial user

  • No fee required.
  • User will be given a username and password.
  • Subscribe temporary for one month ONLY.
  • Limited access on the program, accepted,
  • a) Insert inspection data in e-checklist
  • b) Retrieve monitoring & analysis
  • Introduction and know-how on program concept.
  • To be offered as a Exclusive Member upon expiry
  • Subscribe as an exclusive member now!

2. Exclusive Member

  • Subscription fee is required. Membership subjected to 18 months period and renewal is needed to continue activation.
  • User will be given a username and password.
  • Provision of comprehensive training with HRDF claimable
  • Accessible for download section.
  • Received a Safety Inspection kit (inspector Notes, guideline etc.)

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